Why Are High School Sports Important For The Youth?

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Recreation and Sports

High school is the period where a child is trained for the future and the world beyond and this training and education is given right through his youth. Thus, high school becomes the period during which people makes friends, study and get their grades and participate in extra-curricular activities like cultural activities, literary activities and sports. However, many schools have opted out of high school sports citing budget cuts as they think that the money could be spent better on academics. Although it is true that education comes first, sports also play an important part in giving the youth a voice. Sacrificing school sports reduces the exposure a student could possibly receive, thereby affecting his capability to perform at optimum levels. Youth and their high school sports are indispensable.

The Importance Of High School Sports At Elementary School

During elementary school years, there are many students who are deprived of their recess privileges due to bad behaviour. Although the idea is to improve the conduct of the student, the action may have a wrong effect too. Recess is the time where students let out their frustration. It helps them cope with aspects of school that they dislike.

High School Sports Promotes Bonding And Encouragement.

Playing sports releases endorphins in youth and high school sports are effective in offering a balanced body which decreases their depression and increases their energy. Most schools have a criteria that a student interested in sports must have at least a C grade to be able to participate. This increases a players’ accountability. Moreover, high school sports teaches students to bond with each other. It also helps them bond with their parents when they come to the stands to cheer their children. High school sports are also important to develop motor skills as well as to maintain a healthy exercise programme.

High School Sports Boosts Morale And Support

Kids, youth and teachers participate in High school sports. This brings the entire school together; some come to play, some come to observe while the others come to cheer their school’s teams. If a child has some difficulty in making friends in a school he must be encouraged to to join an activity in the school or simply go to observe and cheer the activities and the participants. It helps in boosting morale when the students get together to cheer for their school. It also happens to be a an enjoyable distraction from the usual stress of academics. The result generally is better participation in class and overall improvement of scores and grades.

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