The History of Mens Golf Clothes and Golf Courses in Knoxville, TN

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Golf

If you look around the golf courses Knoxville TN greens you will see a variety of men dressed in polo shirts and shorts, sometimes pants, playing a game that they love. Of course, women play golf too, but it’s primarily a way for men to get out of the house and associate with their friends, and business contacts. Here are some facts about how men’s golf clothes have evolved over the years, and the origins of the apparel to start with.

There is evidence that a sport similar to golf was played in Rome and China as far back as the year 1 B.C. Modern golf however, is said to have originated in the Scottish highlands and drifted this way years later. Men wore tight short pants that fastened under their knees and Scottish colors; they also tended to wear tweed jackets while they were playing. Can you imagine seeing that attired on the men playing on the golf courses Knoxville greens today?

By the 1890’s, men were wearing long-sleeved shirts and knee pants to allow for a wider range of movement. Plus these shirts were at least a little cooler than the tweed jackets were. Tweed caps and long socks were also popular around this time period.

From the 1920’s through the 1940’s, things started to change in the golf apparel for men industry. Fashions went from semi-formal because of men going straight from work to play golf to short sleeves and khaki shorts as time moved on. You could really start to tell that golf clothes were changing as time marched on after the 1940’s.

Today’s golf apparel for men is much more modern, and more casual, than it was in years gone by. Shorts and short sleeved polo shirts are now very popular on golf courses everywhere. Of course, these days most golf courses have a dress code that you have to follow in order to play. You can’t have short shorts of course and some even make you wear khakis and a certain color polo shirt. In the warmer climates shorts and a thin polo shirt are almost a requirement in order to stay cool and concentrate on the game.

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