The Proper Way to Care for Airsoft Guns

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Recreation and Sports

Airsoft guns are not cheap, so owners need to ensure that they are properly caring for them between uses. Caring for the guns goes way beyond wiping them down and throwing them in the closet until they are ready to be used again. Staying safe is the most important thing, so the “safety” should be on before the owner ever attempts to clean the gun. The Airsoft Company only uses quality materials when manufacturing their products, so if the guns are taken care of properly, they will rarely malfunction. The biggest reason they malfunction is owner negligence. It is surprising the number of people that try to put the wrong ammunition into the gun that they own. This is not only dangerous, it is careless as well. The wrong ammunition will just break the gun. There are certain guidelines that should be followed to care for your gun correctly.

Caring for Airsoft Products the Right Way

Safety First: Never use lead or other foreign objects in your gun. This could really hurt somebody, and it is just senseless. If you are going to invest in an airsoft gun, then invest in the right ammunition as well. The gun should be checked before being cleaned, to ensure that no rounds are lodged inside. Airsoft products are low maintenance, but owners should still clean their guns regularly, if they expect them to perform well.

Oiling: To have your gun function the best that it possibly can, you need to add several drops of silicon oil on all moving parts of the gun, including the areas that have bolts. You must ensure that you don’t overdo it, or you could possibly lower the performance. Once the oil has been applied, the unloaded gun should be fired multiple times, to distribute the oil evenly.

 Cleaning & Storage: Cotton swabs and soft clean cloths will work the best when you are cleaning the gun. You should never use any type of harsh chemical cleaners, because they could cause irreparable damage. Once the gun is cleaned, the magazine should be removed. The gun should then be stored in a dry, clean, empty place, so that it stays safe from weather elements and other things. All ammunition should always be stored separately from the gun.

Authorized Technician Repairs

Whether you have Airsoft BB Guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, or any other Airsoft products, you need to always read the instruction manuals, to ensure that the product doesn’t require any special care. Never tamper with your gun, or it could make it unsafe to use. Any time your gun malfunctions or breaks, it should be inspected and fixed by authorized Airsoft technicians. Misuse of the gun could void your warranty.

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