What To Look For In A Publication Covering Sports On The National Level

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Sports

If you’re truly a sports fan, then there’s no such thing as too much quality sports journalism! When you’re passionate about sports in general and your favorite teams in particular, it’s important to have a single source you can turn to for all the latest news whether you want to know about the WNBA game tonight or the NHL scouting report for next year. Here’s a brief guide of what to look for in a publication covering sports on the national level.

Wide coverage

It’s best to turn to a single source for in-depth coverage of national sports. That way, you aren’t wasting time going from publication to publication to get your sporting fix. Look for a publication that covers everything from tennis to mixed martial arts.

Online and easy to navigate

With new games, trades and dramas every day, it’s best to turn to the Internet for up-to-date information on the sporting world. You simply don’t have time to wait for print publications to come out. A good online source for sporting news has a website that’s easy to navigate, isn’t covered in advertisements and mixes in high-quality images from the contests they are featuring. Following your favorite teams should be a pleasure, not a tiresome chore.


Good sports journalists aren’t just doing a job, they’re covering a sport that they love and would be following closely even if they weren’t getting paid too. Maybe the contest in question is the WNBA game tonight or the Game Three of the World Series last year, but you can recognize their passion for the sport because it mirrors your own. For an online publication you can trust to give you the latest and best coverage of the sporting world, turn to The Fanatic.

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