Build On Skills By Attending Lacrosse Camps

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Sports Apparel

The evolving sport of lacrosse has been practiced since the early 12th century and with many high schools and all-star teams now in place for the sport, more and more opportunities are arising for lacrosse camps. Lacrosse camps are a place for young and mature people to meet up, make friends and advance on skills and tactics. Especially useful for if a tournament is nearing; these camps will give you a taste of what is expected from an experienced lacrosse player and what you can do to score more goals. With lacrosse camps being suitable for both males and females, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach new levels of playing.

Lacrosse Camps – Scooping & Passing

The first step to progressing with this sport will be to learn about scooping and passing at lacrosse camps. Recovering a ball is something you will be taught at lacrosse camps and if you maintain the skills to do this effectively and quickly, you could help your team to claim victory. Knees will be bent when approaching the ball and the pocket of the stick should be used to scoop the ball off the ground. Passing the ball is equally as important. Getting a ball down field will increase the chances of a goal, and so you need to do it properly. The head of a stick will be next to the face, while the rest will be by the player’s side. Hands will be placed specifically on the lacrosse sticks and lacrosse camps will show you how to hurl the ball to another player.

Lacrosse Camps – Cradling & Catching

Teachers at lacrosse camps will want to make sure you can cradle and catch if you are to play well in a game. Cradling involves keeping the lacrosse ball in the pocket of the stick, so that no other players gain possession of the ball. Lacrosse camps will show you wrist movements to prevent losing the ball. As well as this, catching is important because if you miss a pass, your team will not be as likely to win. Concentration is taught at lacrosse camps, so that you can receive the ball with the correct angle and amount of impact.

Lacrosse Camps – Dodging & Shooting

Dodging opponents during a game will be a necessity and because this is a complete contact sport, lacrosse camps will show you every tactic to sidestep a collision. Not only does this help you to avoid brutal force, but it will help you to keep hold of the lacrosse ball. Lacrosse camps will help you to improve shooting skills. The purpose of playing lacrosse is to score goals, so lacrosse camps will teach you stance, torso rotation and shoulder movements.

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