The Boston Red Sox: A Brief History

Boston is the largest city in its own state – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The former center of Puritan America, it is a cultured town. It is Bean Town. It is a town rich in history once hosting the infamous Boston Tea Party. While it is home to Beacon Hill, it is also an avid sports town. On a warm summer night, many people dream about obtaining cheap Boston Red Sox tickets for the World Series.

Early History

In 1901, the then Boston Americans formed to begin playing professional baseball in the newly created American League. They played successfully enough to capture the league’s highest honor in 1903 – the American League (AL) pennant. This granted them the right to play against the National League champions, the Pittsburgh Pirates, in the very first World Series. Boston emerged victorious defeating the Pirates by a score of 5 games to 3. In 1904, the Americans won their league title again, but were denied the chance to play against the New York Giants, winners of the National League. The Giants felt the American League was an inferior creation and not worth playing against. This resulted in the two Leagues sealing a deal to make the World Series a permanent fixture on the major league baseball scene so, in a sense, New York lost and Boston won.

Boston underwent a name change in 1907. The team continued to play at Huntington Avenue Park until Fenway Park opened in 1912. The year afterwards, they acquired Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox started winning again. They not only began to win the AL pennant but the World Series. During this period, is season people not only sought, but also fought for cheap Boston Red Sox tickets.

The Red Sox won the AL Pennant and the World Series for 1915, 1916 and 1918. Then their fortunes changed in 1920 when Babe Ruth was sold to the team who has since become their “Greatest Rival” the New York Yankees. The so-called “Curse of the Bambino” went into effect and the Red Sox did not even get as far as the AL pennant, let alone the World Series for many years.

Post World War II to the Present

The time between the selling of Babe Ruth to the next AL pennant won by the Red Sox was 28 years. Even with such a great player as Ted Williams, they did not win it in 1946. They lost the World Series and remained in an AL pennant drought until 1967. They were contenders for the World Series again in 1975 and 1986 when residences eagerly sought cheap Red Sox tickets to any game. Yet, a World Series Championship win continued to elude them until 2004. In that ear, they shook off the 86-year “curse” and went all the way. They did it again in 2007 and in 2013.

The road for the Boston Red Sox has been long and arduous. Since their beginnings in 1901, they have played many memorable games and had some of the best players in North America on their roster. During their long dry stretch, many of their fans remained devoted seeking expensive and cheap Boston Red Sox tickets whenever they could. Every year, the hope of another bat at winning the World Series keeps them loyal and coming out in droves to Fenway Park.

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