Do I Need a Custom Ball?

Have you ever wondered why so many bowlers go out of their way to procure custom bowling balls when all bowling alleys come complete with a selection of balls already? It’s one of those things that you can’t really understand unless you know the ins and outs of how bowling works as a hobby; if you’re a person who only visits the bowling alley maybe once or twice every couple of years, then you’re probably never going to have to buy yourself a set of custom bowling balls. However, if bowling is something that you can see yourself doing on a frequent basis, then buying custom balls is a vastly superior option to relying on the ones that your local alley already has lying around—and we’ll tell you why.

The first reason why custom bowling balls are great for hobbyists has to do with quality. Simply put, the bowling balls down at the alley are constantly used by numerous people. As such, they undergo lots of wear and tear, and so they’re often not in the best condition they could be. Believe it or not, using these balls can have an adverse effect on your ability to play the game. For example, some bowling balls might be slightly misshapen due to excessive use, impeding their ability to roll correctly and reducing your chances of knocking down as many pins as you probably could. A custom bowling ball is a ball that you own, and it’ll typically only be used whenever you decide to go bowling. Because of this, it’ll last much longer.

Secondly, custom bowling balls are manufactured for the sole purpose of accommodating your unique needs. They are designed to fit the shape of your hand perfectly, making for a much more comfortable grip. If you’ve ever been to a typical bowling alley, then you’re likely to have noticed just how common a problem it is for people to try out numerous balls and never find one that fits quite right. Ultimately, bowlers often end up settling for a ball that isn’t quite as bad as the others available. With a custom bowling ball, this is never an issue at all. You’ll be able to hold and roll the ball much more efficiently, maximizing your ability to bowl.

The biggest benefit to having a custom bowling ball is that you can get to know your ball in particular, allowing you to improve much more steadily. You won’t be experimenting with random bowling balls at the alley, instead playing each game with the same one you’ve grown accustomed to.

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