Tips to Fit Lacrosse Helmets Securely for Maximum Protection

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

There are many ways in which you can hurt your head during a game of lacrosse and because of this, lacrosse helmets are an essential piece of equipment to invest in. Other team players may accidentally nudge you with their lacrosse stick, opponents may collide with you purposely to score points and the lacrosse ball may accidentally travel in the direction of your head during a game. Due to lacrosse being a high-contact sport, the possibility of an injury should never be ruled out and because lacrosse gear is relatively strong and rigid, getting hit by something will take its toll on your ability to play. For a better chance of winning a game and to prevent long-term head injuries, you must fit your lacrosse helmet properly.

Lacrosse Helmets and Head Circumference

When you shop for lacrosse helmets, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of helmets available on the market. Diverse styles, colors and brands will be sold and this can sometimes leave you feeling side-tracked. It is important not to stray when selecting a helmet because if the circumference of your head does not match the size of the helmet, it could fall off when playing and result in a painful injury. Ask a friend or family member top measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape and use a sizing chart to determine what size helmet will suit you.

Assess the Fit of Lacrosse Helmets

Now that you know what size lacrosse helmets you require, you can try a few on. Just because a helmet is sized accordingly, this does not mean that it will fit you personally due to everyone having a different shaped head. Choose some of your favorite helmets and try each one on. If it feels loose or if it tends to rotate when you move, this is not the helmet for you. Ideally, the lacrosse helmet should sit one inch above your eyebrows and it should not be slack. Ensure that the helmet does not shift and that it is not too tight, as this may restrict playing abilities.

The Chin Strap and Mask on Lacrosse Helmets

The chin strap and the mask on the lacrosse helmets will offer just as much protection as the helmet itself, so make sure you focus on these parts too. The chin strap will prevent friction and will secure the helmet on the head so that if you fall or experience a lot of contact during the game, it does not fall off. Make sure you can open and close your mouth when the chin strap is fastened and make certain that it sits comfortably against the chin. Once confirmed, fit the face mask and check that your vision is not compromised. If the mask feels satisfactory, you can proceed and make a purchase.

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