Help Little Ones Learn to Love Wearing Toddler Helmets

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Recreation and Sports

Many people have fond memories of learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. Although the experience may have resulted in a few minor accidents, it usually represents a level of independence that’s unlike what’s been granted before.

Before letting your youngster get on a bike, shop for toddler helmets to make sure he or she is adequately protected. If you’re worried it’ll be hard to get a young child to wear safety gear, keep reading and discover some tips that should make the process much easier for everyone involved.

Purchase the Helmet With the Bike

Ideally, your child will never know what it’s like to ride a bike without a helmet, because you’ll have purchased one at the same time as the bike itself. Lay some ground rules and firmly tell kids they aren’t allowed to even ride around the driveway without first strapping on toddler helmets.

Be a Good Role Model

It’ll probably be a lot harder to convince the youngest members of a household to adopt the habit if you don’t also wear a helmet every time you ride. In addition to the headgear, take the opportunity to teach children about other safety additions like flashing lights or horns. Kids are never too young to start learning the basic rules of bicycle safety, and as an adult figure in their lives, you’re in a great position to be influential.

Make It Fun

Don’t forget to have a lighthearted attitude when shopping for toddler helmets. Encourage kids to browse the options with you and pick out the ones they like best. Point out how some may be available in their favorite colors, or feature cool graphics.

Also, if your child likes to play with dolls or stuffed animals, see if there are some toy sets that allow young people to dress their toys up in bicycling attire. That should make wearing a helmet seem like a normal activity that fits smoothly into daily life, rather than a chore.

Using some of the guidance you’ve just read, introduce toddler helmets to your kids as soon as possible. That’ll make it simpler to establish a lifelong habit that could safeguard against severe injuries.

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