Important Information about Quads Houston TX

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Recreation and Sports

Quads Houston TX is an exciting racing competition that attracts many racing enthusiasts all over the country. In a short time, quad racing has grown from an obscure sport to one of the most watched motocross competitions. Although the youth comprise a large segment of the fan population, people of all ages and abilities have taken to Quad racing.

Government safety concerns

In 1988, Quad bicycle manufacturers agreed to cease the sale of three-wheel quad ATVs. This decision was influenced by the move by the U.S government to raise safety concerns following a sharp rise in the number of accidents involving quad ATVs. Many of the major manufacturers stopped supporting ATV racing competitions due to the negative publicity associated with ATV safety. The sport of motocross racing was hard hit by the stigma. However, it survived the 1980s and by the 1990s, the sport was making a comeback. One of the reasons why quad racing survived this period is the support it got from aftermarket companies such as BOR Motorsports.

Quads Comeback

In the 1990s, ATV racing rules were changed to allow racers to use dirt bike engines in ATV frames. This allowed hybrid machines to participate in a field that was previously dominated by expensive aftermarket machines. Quad manufacturers became aware of the increased interest in the sport. Many quad manufacturers developed various models, which popularized the sport further. As the popularity of the sport grew in recent years, quad manufacturers came up with smaller quad models for younger riders.

Perception of Quad racing in the Motocross Industry

Quad racing is relatively a newcomer in the world of motocross racing. Some people feel quad drivers have it easy compared with riders who use other types of bikes. Others fan the perception that quad riders are afraid of riding “real” bikes. These perceptions are common, especially in tracks that allow all types of riders. However, many Quads Houston TX drivers know that taking their time to ride their bikes helps to dispel some of these perceptions. In addition, the growing popularity of quad racing makes many people more receptive to quad racing as a sport on its own.

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