How To Compare California Delta Fishing Guides

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Fishing

One of the best fishing areas in the United States is the California Delta. This area includes approximately a 1000 miles of waterways, with the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers both converging. This creates the perfect location for many different species of fish including sturgeon, striped bass, halibut, ocean salmon and striper bass.

In this area, as in other prime fishing locations, hiring Delta fishing guides is the best way to ensure you know where to fish and how to fish for these species. The assistance of the guide helps to target the specific species you want to fish for, and the charter can assist in choosing the best time of the year to plan your trip.

Hiring the best guides in the California Delta means doing a bit of research. Most of this information is readily available online, or a quick email or phone call to the charter can provide the information required.

Experience in Fishing the Delta

Not all people acting as Delta fishing guides are experienced fisherman or even knowledgeable about fish movement and seasonal fishing opportunities. Check in the amount of time the captain of the charter has been fishing the area. There are some charters with decades of expertise.

Included Equipment

The website for the charter company should clearly list what included in the way of equipment and supplies on the boat. Not all boats provide rods and reels and tackle, and this will be important to know.

On most fishing charters in this area, which are usually a half day or full day, guests on the charter bring their own food and beverages.

Size of Boat and Rates

Most Delta fishing guides charge a fee per fisherman on the boat, with a minimum and maximum rate and number for the time period. There can be considerable variation between charter services, but just keep in mind that cheaper is often not better when it comes to experience and fishing expertise.

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