4 Things to Know Before You Get a Soccer Rebounder

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Soccer Store

If you want to improve as a soccer player, you’ll need to practice regularly. Not just any kind of practice will do, though. You’ll need to spend a lot of time perfecting a specific movement or technique. That’s going to the help build your confidence and skills, VKOOL says.

If you’re going to practice a lot, though, that means you need to invest in quality equipment like a grade-A soccer rebounder to help you make the most out of your sessions on the field. Here’s what you’ll want to look out for when you buy one.


Rebounders with stakes can be dangerous. They aren’t designed for hard shots so they’re useless and will only fall over when you practice. If you want to improve your skills, this isn’t the equipment you’ll want to use.


Bungees deteriorate a lot faster when exposed to the elements. If you’re going to use that rebounder outdoors, then you’ll find signs that the elasticity is compromised sooner rather than later. You’ll want to go for springs instead since these demonstrate greater longevity and durability.


When you browse around for a soccer rebounder, look for one that comes with an all-weather netting. It should be thick and must have a small weave. This matters. Poor netting won’t survive outside for far longer than a month. If that’s the kind of netting you’ll buy because it’s cheap, you’re only throwing money down the drain.

Rebounder frame

If you don’t want the frames of your rebounders cracking or breaking much too soon, then check out light and thin metal frames instead. Also, steer clear of any frames with sharp edges or corners. Check for all weather coating too.

There may be plenty of rebounders out on the market. Being on the lookout for these things will help you choose the right one.

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