Show Off your Style with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Patches for your Gi

Venturing into jiu jitsu for the first time, your gi (a basic martial arts uniform for this particular discipline) will likely be plain with little adornment. However, as you progress with the sport and perhaps start fighting in tournaments or even simple demonstrations, some Brazilian jiu jitsu patches can make your gi really pop. People tend to take notice when the gi is decked out a bit.

Design Options

The good news is that there are many design options to choose from, even creating your own! Some gis come with standard patches or perhaps your jiu jitsu school may have patches to represent them. For certain, you will find Brazilian jiu jitsu patches for your gi that are representative of the flags of different countries. You will see them quite often when attending international competitions.

There are company logo patches for those participants with sponsorship representation. And of course, unique designs are also abundant. Perhaps you are partial to certain cartoon characters, oriental symbols or popular sayings. You can design Brazilian jiu jitsu patches just for your use as well!

Patch Options

You have two options for your gi patches – woven or embroidered. If you have a very detailed design or logo, the woven option is perhaps best for your gi needs. With woven Brazilian jiu jitsu patches, they are flat but use high quality threads in multiple colors so that you achieve the greatest detail possible. Size is limited for them though. However, a good custom patch company well-versed in the sport of jiu jitsu will be able to recommend the proper size based on where you want it sewn onto your gi.

Embroidered patches are another option and most commonly used. While the design you create or choose may not be as intricate as a woven style, the patch can be made in various sizes, depending on where you plan to place it on your gi. In addition, you will be able to choose several colors and the design will appear more three-dimensional and quite visually appealing.

Choose patches with a heat seal on the back. That way, if you take them to a seamstress to sew on, you can pre-arrange the placement of them so there is no confusion. However, if you sew them yourself, heat sealing them on your gi with an iron will ensure the patch doesn’t move during the sewing process, thereby creating a smoother, more even job. Look to Brazilian jiu jitsu patches to make your gi, and therefore you, more noticeable.

Submit a custom design for your Brazilian jiu jitsu patches or learn more about the process by visiting Bjj Patches.

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