Team Building Activities to Motivate Your Team

Most workers dread the boring team building activities that don’t add any type of value to their lives. This is not only a waste of time, but it may lead to lower levels of productivity. The fact is, you can invest time in lessons on how to motivate your team members and learn that for the best possible results, you need to use team building activities that are going to teach your team real world skills.

Some activities to help you get started are found here.

A Self Defense Course

With over 16 million reports of crime against people each year in the U.S., this is one team building activity that both men and women can take something from. This type of course will teach your team members a vital skill to defend themselves and have them working together. The key is to find the right instructor who is going to understand that the goal of the course is to help your team work better together. You can likely get referrals from other companies that have used this strategy before.

Solve a Fictional Problem Together

You can do this in the office by creating a fictional problem and then breaking your team into small groups to solve it. Or, you can even use one of the new “Escape” facilities where your team has to work together to solve puzzles and find their way out of a building. In either situation, this is an effective way to get your team to work together to solve problems.

If you want to motivate your team, there is no question that lessons on how to motivate your team members can be beneficial. The activities here can also help you along the way.

Find out more about motivating your team members by visiting the Coach Slow’s X’s, Os and Beyond website.

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